Saturday, 14 May 2016

A futsen vaden none human, hail from the darkhills realm. An orphan raised by the alpha vadens on western hills, joined genesis class at the age of 100 and made his first team partner Ayugi Ndufia a futsen vaden also. Miles was promoted to red scarf class (a private school for futsen vadens). Due to his intelligence he was transferred to Hills where his adventure begins.


eagle vision- see from far distance.
Speed marriage- creating blurry clones.
Moves in speed of light.
Pakudda's red spirit laser beam.

sky fall.
death cyclone.
Complete pakudda mode.
Futsen death symbol.

Axe of truth

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We all know the konoha famous hero "KAKASHI THE SHARINGAN THE THIEF" from the popular anime named Naruto.

but come to think of it, he has not even used his copy ninjustu that well. Oh well, all thanks to Obito for he is the hidden hero after all aside from itachi Uchiha うちはイズナ. Obito always have a similar dream just like Naruto Uzumaki but end becoming a villain due certain reasons.

Obito gave kakashi first sharingan while dying.

Obito again gave him the second one, you can now wonder how kakshi will be like if he has no sharingan... see he won't even gain that nickname kakashi the sharing an hero.

That's my opinion though.

Another OC from my coming comic "the lost 3"

Quick thing to know about him, he's not the fun type.

And a strict teacher too.

Master hillsing a half spirit and a half vaden


hillsing used to be a human in his human world and his human family and friends, his whole story changed when a shape shifter demon named Assyra transported to his world in search of souls to take. He unleashed his attack on hillsings's village and sucked all the villagers souls away from there body. Fortunately for hillsing he wasn't present, he saw his villagers corps lying on the ground when he arrived. He was filled with bitterness, he buried all his villagers including his parents in that the same village, hillsing was there for 5 years in bitterness. Until one night the Vaden Lords appeared to him and told him all he needs to know. Hillsing joined the lords and was transported to another world....

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Own character from a developing comic, I am still working on lot of OC and at the same time learning new style of drawing. Am not that perfect in drawing anyway, all I do is practicing and I see it's working, I could remember very well that my old drawings are different from my new ones now that's what keeps me going in drawing.

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